Barna Statistics
​Pastor's Satisfaction: We can celebrate that 97% of U.S. pastors report being very or somewhat satisfied in their pastoral vocation.
​Pastor Frustrations: Nearly a third (27%) of U.S. pastors report lack of spiritual maturity among churchgoers as one of their top frustrations.
​Pastors, maintain or even increase your satisfaction through exploring the  Concentric Circles of Pastor Care at Focus on loving the Lord, then your spouse and family, then your ministry and mission.
​Engage your church in an age-stage model for developing Spirit-empowered disciples who Love the Lord, Live His Word, Love People, and Live His Mission.
​Engage your elders, deacons, or church leadership team in supporting your satisfaction!You need advocates who champion you and your family's health through strategies like 50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor.
​Start your members on the journey of Loving the Lord through a church-wide or small group series focused on 5 Assumptions About God.
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